American Hypnosis Wellness Institute Hypnotherapy Certification


The American Hypnosis Wellness Institute was founded for hypnosis training where we train and certify individuals to become a hypnotherapist.

We decided to open the hypnosis training center because of the incredible interest today in both medical and clinical hypnotherapy. There are many individuals who feel that they have a calling to help others while developing a career for themselves. If your company’s downside or your career isn’t what you want it to be, or if you’ve wondered what if at some point in life I zigged instead of that, how different would life be today?

A Career in Hypnotherapy

Boy, you’ve thought about a second career, but being a Walmart greeter or getting into high-level marketing isn’t your cup of tea and the extra income is always welcome. Thousands of people are just plain bored and want something more to do with their lives. We’d like to invite you to consider enrolling at the American Hypnosis Wellness Institute. If you have an interest in helping people to move past limiting thinking and to help them to make a permanent behavioral change, you might think of building a new career for yourself at the same time. Between the two of us, we bring over 50 years of counseling and hypnotherapy experience to this course. You will learn how to hypnotize others, self-hypnosis, hypnosis for smoking, for permanent weight loss, for stress reduction, and true confidence. You also learn clinical hypnosis, medical hypnosis, pediatric hypnosis, pain mitigation, and basic counseling. Learn more at

Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis Certification

All hypnosis training is not the same. Some are actually only a couple of hours long and don’t have a counseling or a therapy component to them. To be clear, this isn’t one of those to hour mini classes held in a hotel, taught by a promoter where the main thrust, is amusement or entertainment. This course is grounded in the science of the subconscious mind. We’ve invested in facilities that were designed and enhanced for learning. This is the real deal. This is a thorough 200-hour course in hypnosis training that will qualify you in hypnosis, and hypnotherapy. It consists of 75 hours of basic class work, 75 hours of advanced and 50 hours of lab work. Some say this sounds great, but I’ll do it after I retire. Again, it’ll take you a couple of years just to get referrals and to build a practice that you can live on and that’s after you’ve completed the course and gotten some experience.

Take Action Now

That time to take the course is now. Start building your practice part-time. Then you can turn it into a full-time career if you wish. If you’d like to make a difference in people’s lives and enable them to move past their limiting thinking and behavior, you’ve moved beyond just having an interest in hypnosis and now might entertain the idea of hypnotherapy as either a full or part-time career. It’s a fact that the best hypnotherapists were themselves, individuals, that for whatever reasons sought out and used hypnosis to successfully make behavior changes in their own lives. If you’re ready for a new challenge and are willing to commit to the time and the financial investment, consider this opportunity. One often hears where individuals have trained for a profession, but after working in that field for a few years, they regret going into it. Learn more about a hypnotherapy career.

We’ve never ever heard of anyone regretting becoming a hypnotherapist. So why is our certification course 200 hours instead of only two? It’s because learning basic hypnotic technique is only a part of it. You will learn the advanced techniques and therapy and you will be glad that you invested 200 hours, not two or maybe 20. We do look forward to hearing from you.

Fast Ways to Organise Your Shed


If you cannot get in your shed or struggle to find something when you do get in there, read on. Below we give you some quick and easy ways to tidy up your shed and get organised.

Genius Ways to Organise Your Shed

Many of the ideas below are genius. They have been put together, over the years, by people who use their sheds for all sorts of tasks. So, whether you are DIYer, a gardener, a hobbyist or running a business from your garden shed, you will be able to utilise at least some of these ideas, for sure.

Organising a Small Garden Shed

Let´s start with the garden shed. The trick with organising a garden shed is to leave the floorspace as clear as possible. That means creating some sort of rack for your garden tools. Hanging two poles a few inches apart, enables you to thread your spades, hoe etc onto the poles, so they are all hanging in a row.

This approach does not take up as much space as creating a single hook for each item would. 

If you keep the floorspace clear you will be able to stow your mower and other large items safely on the floor. You need to allow enough space to be able to maneouver everything. Stack soil and pots in a corner.

Keep smaller items in bins, and if possible install some shelves to stow them on. Remember to label each of them, so you do not have to open each one to find what you want. 

Use Hanging Jar Organisers

Hanging jar organisers are a fantastic way to keep all of those tiny items like screws close at hand. If you can use clear jars you will be able to easily see what is in each one.

Set up a peg board for your tools

If you have a lot of tools a peg board is an excellent idea. They provide a flexible way to keep your tools organised. Just be sure not to hang anything too heavy on them.

If you would like more ideas, you can find some very good ones on this page –




Is Hypnotherapy A Good Career?


If you want to learn how to get results and succeed in the field of hypnosis, you’ve come to the right place!

The American Hypnosis Wellness Institute (AHWI) is one of the world’s largest hypnosis organisations. The hypnosis training course will be balanced with instruction, demonstration and practice. Your hypnosis training will be able to gain confidence by practising with other students, so that you will be prepared to go right to work using your skills. We are very passionate about the teaching work we do. Learn more about a hypnotherapy career.

Hypnosis Certification

Hypnosis Certification gives you an opportunity to join the fastest growing profession in human relations. We train you in skills of hypnosis – hypnotherapy and ways to use these skills. With AHWI training, the emphasis is on practical tuition, although relevant theory and background information is provided and given to students on our courses. You will be assessed on your practical skills throughout the training course, all the relevant theory is contained in the training manuals that are given to you at the time of your practical hypnosis training course. 

Upon successful completion you can set up in private practice either as a full time or part time practising hypnotherapist , potentially earning a substantial income.  After completion of your hypnotherapy course you will receive your ABH American Board of Hypnosis Certification so you will be certified as a hypnotherapist and you will also have full support from the AHWI to guide you to making your new practice venture grow.

Hypnosis Training

Hypnosis training participants can apply the techniques to not only change their every day lives for the better but also improving their personal relationships and achieve their financial goals, but also to accelerate personal change in areas such as better health weight loss, stopping smoking, pain control and for achieving your goals in life.

Speed Hypnosis training and Instant Induction Course

Speed Hypnosis Training is utilising a very rapid, sometimes instant form of hypnosis which has been around for many years. What is speed hypnosis you ask? Well, speed hypnosis is when you put someone into a somnambulistic trance state in a matter of seconds using an instant induction technique some people call them rapid, speed trance inductions.

How powerful is this you ask? Have you ever seen the likes of Derren Brown or other guys doing handshake inductions or other rapid inductions it’s amazing stuff using this technique as a hypnotist. You can now learn a few tricks of your own. How about sticking your friends hand to a lamp post or making them forget their name. We will teach you how to do the rapids and instant inductions and give you tips to get started in this great elite power in our speed trance induction course you will have loads of fun in our advanced hypnosis classes.

What Is Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a desired level of relaxation and provides a wonderful healing platform for the body through the mind. It is a shame that many people think that when they are in hypnosis they are out of control and can be programmed to do outrageous or crazy things. This is totally untrue as when you are under hypnosis you’re in total control and know everything that is going on all the time and hear everything that is said to you. Anything suggested that is against your core beliefs or morals will bring you straight out of hypnosis and back to full alertness.

Lets take stage hypnotists for example you will have seen them on TV as there are many of them and most are very good at illusions and getting members of the audience performing many funny and amazing things in front of the big audience. In fact they have chosen their subjects carefully and selected people who are highly suggestive and fun people who enjoy having a laugh or being the joker at the party in the real world anyway. The people actually want to be fun and bark like a dog or cluck like a chicken. If you’re not that type of person you would not even do it. If someone has low morals or is just a scream party person they would be a great subject to hypnotise for the stage hypnotist. It is said that the famous Mesmer originally picked up the this training art of hypnosis from a street performer and brought it to the medical world and now it is usually routinely to cure people.