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American Hypnosis Wellness Institute Hypnotherapy Certification


The American Hypnosis Wellness Institute was founded for hypnosis training where we train and certify individuals to become a hypnotherapist.

We decided to open the hypnosis training center because of the incredible interest today in both medical and clinical hypnotherapy. There are many individuals who feel that they have a calling to help others while developing a career for themselves. If your company’s downside or your career isn’t what you want it to be, or if you’ve wondered what if at some point in life I zigged instead of that, how different would life be today?

A Career in Hypnotherapy

Boy, you’ve thought about a second career, but being a Walmart greeter or getting into high-level marketing isn’t your cup of tea and the extra income is always welcome. Thousands of people are just plain bored and want something more to do with their lives. We’d like to invite you to consider enrolling at the American Hypnosis Wellness Institute. If you have an interest in helping people to move past limiting thinking and to help them to make a permanent behavioral change, you might think of building a new career for yourself at the same time. Between the two of us, we bring over 50 years of counseling and hypnotherapy experience to this course. You will learn how to hypnotize others, self-hypnosis, hypnosis for smoking, for permanent weight loss, for stress reduction, and true confidence. You also learn clinical hypnosis, medical hypnosis, pediatric hypnosis, pain mitigation, and basic counseling. Learn more at http://pomm79.moonfruit.com

Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis Certification

All hypnosis training is not the same. Some are actually only a couple of hours long and don’t have a counseling or a therapy component to them. To be clear, this isn’t one of those to hour mini classes held in a hotel, taught by a promoter where the main thrust, is amusement or entertainment. This course is grounded in the science of the subconscious mind. We’ve invested in facilities that were designed and enhanced for learning. This is the real deal. This is a thorough 200-hour course in hypnosis training that will qualify you in hypnosis, and hypnotherapy. It consists of 75 hours of basic class work, 75 hours of advanced and 50 hours of lab work. Some say this sounds great, but I’ll do it after I retire. Again, it’ll take you a couple of years just to get referrals and to build a practice that you can live on and that’s after you’ve completed the course and gotten some experience.

Take Action Now

That time to take the course is now. Start building your practice part-time. Then you can turn it into a full-time career if you wish. If you’d like to make a difference in people’s lives and enable them to move past their limiting thinking and behavior, you’ve moved beyond just having an interest in hypnosis and now might entertain the idea of hypnotherapy as either a full or part-time career. It’s a fact that the best hypnotherapists were themselves, individuals, that for whatever reasons sought out and used hypnosis to successfully make behavior changes in their own lives. If you’re ready for a new challenge and are willing to commit to the time and the financial investment, consider this opportunity. One often hears where individuals have trained for a profession, but after working in that field for a few years, they regret going into it. Learn more about a hypnotherapy career.

We’ve never ever heard of anyone regretting becoming a hypnotherapist. So why is our certification course 200 hours instead of only two? It’s because learning basic hypnotic technique is only a part of it. You will learn the advanced techniques and therapy and you will be glad that you invested 200 hours, not two or maybe 20. We do look forward to hearing from you.

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